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The Valspar Corporation is a global leader in consumer paints and industrial coatings. For more than 200 years, our leadership in technology and innovation has enhanced the beauty of homes, improved the durability of industrial products and protected what we eat and drink. It’s why we say, “if it matters, we’re on it.”

We are committed to being the best coatings company in the world, dedicated to continuous improvement in economic performance, environmental responsibility and community involvement. We drive sales growth, earnings, and return on investment by innovative products that solve our customers’ most difficult challenges and minimize environmental impacts. By integrating technology with productivity improvements, we increase our financial performance and ensure our customers can count on us as the lowest cost supplier. We work to ensure a safe work environment for each of our more than 10,000 employees in more than 25 countries where we operate. In everything we do, we act ethically and with integrity to maintain the trust we have earned throughout our history.

Company overview

Valspar is the fourth largest manufacturer of paint and industrial coatings in the world.

The Valspar Corporation is a global leader in the paint and coatings industry. Since 1806, Valspar has been dedicated to bringing customers the latest innovations, the finest quality and the best service. With more than $4.1 billion in sales Valspar is in a unique position to supply customers with best-in-class coating solutions in the coatings industry.

Key products:
  • Packaging
  • General industrial
  • Coil
  • Wood
Key products:
  • Consumer paints
    • — United States
    • — Australia
    • — China
    • — United Kingdom
  • Auto refinish
Key products:
  • Specialty polymers
  • Colorants
  • Furniture protection

Valspar’s business around the world

Valspar sells products in more than 100 countries, serving thousands of customers. The company’s primary geographies include the United States, Europe, Australia, China, Latin America and Canada.

Our brands and products

Valspar coatings surround us at work and at home... from food and beverage packaging to iconic buildings...from lawn tractors to heavy equipment...from oil pipes to wood furniture...from walls in homes and offices to hundreds of other uses. If it matters, we’re on it.

Valspar’s paints, stains and coatings are sold to industrial customers and consumers under recognized global brands, including the flagship Valspar brand, Cabot wood stains, Huarun paints in China and Wattyl paints in Australia.


Product categories

Consumer paints and coatings
The latest innovations, finest quality, and best customer service for homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, contractors, professional decorators, faux finishers and paint retailers under the Valspar®, Devine Color®, Huarun®, PlastiKote®, Solver™ and Wattyl® brands

Packaging coatings
Coatings that protect the interior and exterior of metal containers — and the brands that use them — including food containers and beverage cans, as well as coatings for aerosol and paint cans, crowns for glass bottles and plastic and bottle closures

Industrial coatings
General industrial: single source provider for powder, liquid and electro-deposition coatings technologies in a wide variety of industries

Coil and extrusion: enhance the appearance and increase durability of buildings, appliance, construction and transportation products with coatings that meet requirements for aesthetics, performance, color-matching, budget and environmental performance

Wood coatings
Decorative and protective coatings for wood furniture, building products, cabinets and floors under the Valspar®, Cabot®, Guardsman® and McCloskey® brands

Automotive refinish coatings
Refinish paints and aerosol spray paints sold through automotive refinish distributors, body shops, automotive supply distributors and retailers distributed under the Valspar®, De Beer™ and House of Kolor® brands

Polymers and colorants
Specialty polymers and colorants for a variety of applications in both paint and industrial coatings

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