Sustainability pillars
Valspar has defined five pillars of continuous improvement to integrate sustainability throughout its business.
People inspire us and power our success. Safeguarding our employees and investing in their growth fuels the future. Holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct conveys our commitment to doing business the right way, every time.
Community collaboration and educational support allows Valspar to help more people achieve success. We provide economic contributions, volunteer hours and Valspar products to support housing and urban revitalization programs to strengthen our communities around the world.
Innovation creates the best coatings and paints in the world for our customers who entrust us with their business. Our teams work continuously to develop paint and coatings that perform better than conventional materials, use safer raw materials, reduce emissions and minimize waste.
Governance provides the framework in which every person at Valspar carries out our sustainability journey. Our governance policies and practices define how we operate, measure our performance against financial targets and against our statement of mission and beliefs, and hold us to the highest standards of legal compliance and ethical conduct.
Operations focus on improving the efficiency of our people and processes as we achieve continual reductions in our environmental impact. We assess our strengths and set targets to measure improvements.
sustainability overview

If it matters, we’re on it! Throughout its history, Valspar has focused on what matters to our key constituents — our shareholders, our customers, our employees and our communities. Operating with a sense of urgency and integrity, we respond to their needs and enable their success. By being “on it,” we build strong relationships, trust and loyalty.

For more than two centuries, Valspar has delivered coatings solutions to help our customers succeed. Valspar is constantly striving to improve the performance, safety and environmental profile of our products. Doing this enables our customers to improve the sustainability of their operations, products and manufacturing.

From our customers to our shareholders, our employees, suppliers and neighbors, People Matter in everything we do and how we do it at Valspar. Our sustainability journey centers on people — today and in the future. People innovate new products and new processes that enhance performance, improve profits, reduce waste, streamline our operations, increase safety and decrease our impact on the natural environment. People benefit from our products, our community engagement and our commitment to integrity. Each of the three integrated elements of our sustainability performance — our economic strength, environmental responsibility and community collaboration — focuses on this mission.

In this report, we invite you to learn the ways People Matter at Valspar and how we’re “on it” in each of these five integrated areas.